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Pizza Dough

Our Story

Chef Luca was founded by a team of like-minded foodies, a concept that was created during a tasty breakfast during a summer holiday in southern Italy in 2018.


Chef Luca Co. Bangkok and Singapore based is aimed to develop a range of bespoke frozen Pizza, frozen Pizza dough and products for pizza and pizzerias in APAC.

Our aim is to support all Pizza lovers of the area to try the origin of real taste of Pizza! The brand was founded with the mission of creating a line of frozen Pizza Romana ready to be cooked and sliced. A quick quality meal to be consumed anywhere and at any time. Along side the famous Pizza Romana, Chef Luca develop a selection of products oriented to fulfilling the needs of Pizza sector in APAC markets (both Retail & Food Service) helping Asia’s Pizzaiolo to recreate the original taste of traditional pizza, wherever they are! Italian Pizza and the original “Taste” of Pizza, delivered with maximum transparency and passion for the real taste of tradition.

Our products line will be developed through innovative research and production processes, Using our twenty years’ experience in ASIA markets, product knowledge with the ambition to introduce products designed for Asians but keeping the original taste of Italy.

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